Deception: The Game

About Deception: The Game

Deception is a story-driven action shooter game led by a female protagonist Ana. She was once a top secret agent, but she had left that life behind to start a new one with her husband. Little did she know that he was still involved in the criminal world, working with a drug cartel run by a mysterious and dangerous man. Her husband gets arrested by the police for his involvement. When the leader of the cartel learns of his betrayal, he orders his men to get him killed.

Determined to save her husband and bring down that cartel, Ana recruits a team of skilled and trusted allies, including some of her former colleagues from the secret agency. Together, they form a plan to take down leader of cartel and his organization.

The story is action-packed with emotions, betrayel, sacrifices and many more.

Note: Since Unreal Engine 5 has revolutionized gaming industry, we are proud to announce that we have upgraded Deception to Unreal Engine 5. We will be posting dev-logs over time in future. Stay Tuned!

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