Setup Lobby System

Unity Installation

  • Import LobbySystem unity package.
  • Drag and drop LobbySystem prefab into your scene from Assets/LobbySystem/Prefabs.

Server Setup

  • Create a free tier account on Oracle Cloud.
  • After getting access to virtual machine, open the port 1234 (unless changed in server code) on VM.
  • Connect using your credentials and use a file manager client like WinSCP to transfer provided server files to your virtual machine.
  • Use any SSH client like Putty to remotely connect to your VM.
  • Run these commands in order:
> chmod 777 ./LobbySystem/LobbySystemServer

> tmux

> ./LobbySystem/LobbySystemServer
  • Press CTRL + B and then D to detach the session.
  • Close the session. Now server is running in background.
  • It will create server logs as <root_directory>/LobbySystem/ServerOutput.txt

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