Integration Guide

  • Import package.
  • Go to tab MFPS > Addons > BattlePass > Enable.
  • Add this snippet to bl_UserMetaData.cs in RawData class:
public SeasonInfo SeasonData = new SeasonInfo();
  • Add this snippet to ShopProductData.cs. You don’t need to add first m_IconTexture line if you already did this step for Challenges Addon.
public Texture2D m_IconTexture = null;
public int CoinType;
  • Run integration by going MFPS > Addons > BattlePass > Integrate and follow the steps.
  • Upload Season.php in Assets/Addons/SeasonBundle/BattlePass/Scripts/Php/ to your ULogin php files.
  • Import vip_pass.sql found in same location to your database.
// Calculate Battle Pass XP
int hsScore = bl_GameManager.Instance.Headshots * bl_GameData.Instance.ScoreReward.ScorePerHeadShot;
int newXP = BattlePassData.Instance.BaseXP + hsScore;

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