Integration Guide

  • Import package.
  • Add this snippet to ShopProductData.cs.
public Texture2D m_IconTexture = null;
  • Add this snippet to bl_CheckoutWindow.cs in IEnumerator ProcessBuy(int coinID) after line plist.Add(sp);.
if (ItemInCart.Type == ShopItemType.Bundle)
    var Bundle = BundlesData.Instance.Bundles[ItemInCart.ID];
    for (int i = 0; i < Bundle.Items.Count; i++)
        if (Bundle.Items[i].ItemType == ShopItemType.CoinPack)
            bl_DataBase.Instance.UpdateUserCoins(bl_ShopData.Instance.CoinsPacks[Bundle.Items[i].ID].GetCoins(), 0, ULoginCoinsOp.Add);

        var bundleItem = new bl_ShopPurchase();
        bundleItem.ID = Bundle.Items[i].ID;
        bundleItem.TypeID = (int)Bundle.Items[i].ItemType;
  • Add this in bl_ShopManager.cs at the end of BuildData() method:
// Bundles
for (int i = 0; i < BundlesData.Instance.Bundles.Count; i++)
    var Bundle = BundlesData.Instance.Bundles[i];

    var data = new ShopProductData();
    data.ID = i;
    data.Name = Bundle.Name;
    data.Type = ShopItemType.Bundle;
    data.UnlockabilityInfo = Bundle.Unlockability;
  • Drag and drop BundleInfoManager prefab from Assets\Addons\ProductBundles\Content\Prefabs\UI\  to your menu scene.
  • Now when you want to show list of items within a bundle, here’s how you can implement your logic to show bundle information using bundle ID:
  • Right click in project window Create > Shop Bundle.
  • Customize your newly created shop bundle and then click “List this Bundle” button on the bottom.
  • You’re good to go.

If you add a new item in any type of category, for example if you added a new emblem and after that you want to include it in the Bundle. It might not show up in bundle items. So if that happens, press Refresh Items button and it will reload the list.

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