Battle Ops

Battle Ops
“Battle Ops” is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by “Beyond Infinity Games”. “Battle Ops” is currently an exclusive for Microsoft Windows. The game revolves around the fight among two teams to claim survival of the fittest. It is basically a multiplayer team deathmatch with the sole objective to eliminate the opposition. “Battle Ops” also received overwhelming positive feedbacks during its Beta test session.


There are a large number of weapons made available in this game. Players can choose from a large range of weapons including Pistols, Machine guns, Semi-machine guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Grenades, etc

Game environment & Maps:

Battle Ops consists of many different in-game environments and maps. There are different categories of maps including small, medium, and large maps. The game textures are very rich and there are different environments available like Rainy environment, Foggy environment, Sunny day environment. Players will also have the ability to choose from different day timings like Morning, Evening, or Night.

  • Hangar
  • Downtown
  • Dark City
  • Research
  • Village

More maps are expected to be added


The game will also consist of multiplayer option. Servers will be provided by “Beyond Infinity Games”. The players will only need to host a game. Players will also have the ability to choose number of slots for server as well as password protect the servers. The online multiplayer will be completely free from hackers; Now protected with AntiHack 4.0 specially made for Battle Ops.

System Requirements: 

Processor: Core 2 Quad Q6600

Memory: 4GB

Hard Disk Space: 2gb

Direct X Version: Direct X 11 (Can run on DX10)


Awards won by this game

National Game Design Awards 2018

10 thoughts on “Battle Ops

  1. Its an awesome game to play with friends and as far as I know this game has also won Game Design Award 😀 Can’t wait for Battle Ops II as i heard that it gonna have a campaign story too 😍

  2. This look cartoonish Lol very bad game improve the graphics at least.i hate these graphics the game models look like dolls.

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